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Europe's drought could signal the death of river cruising
Trump and his allies return to a familiar strategy
Ex-official who investigated Clinton reacts to documents found in Trump's home
Prosecutor provides more details of Rushdie's wounds; suspect pleads not guilty
What a three-week drive around Ukraine's front lines taught me
A second US congressional delegation visits Taiwan
Fireworks warehouse explodes leaving 1 dead and dozens injured
Dozens killed in Egypt church fire
Five Americans among injured in Jerusalem shooting attack
Liz Truss is Britain's likely next prime minister, but who really is she?
A nation used to cloud and relentless rain is struggling with extreme heat and drought
The same Joe Biden suddenly looks different
Must-watch videos of the week
Norway euthanizes beloved 1,300-pound walrus named Freya
Russians are at the edge of this Ukrainian town. Why some residents refuse to leave
She fled Afghanistan with her law degree sewn into her dress. Many of her colleagues were left behind
India's 'Warren Buffett,' Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, dies at 62
Anne Heche to be taken off life support today, family says
Mexican troops sent to border city after deadly cartel clash
Mass fish die-off in German-Polish river blamed on unknown toxic substance
Letter obtained by CNN shows US authorities defended new monkeypox vaccine strategy to vaccine maker
Man Utd manager on disastrous season start
Man rescued from collapsed tunnel in Rome allegedly planned bank heist
David Popovici, 17, breaks 100m freestyle world record at European championships
A missing dog was finally found -- 500 feet underground in an intricate cave system
'Lives torn asunder.' The children of Indian Partition, 75 years on
One dead, 17 injured after stage collapse at Spanish music festival
Deputy says he doesn't regret taking photos of remains in Kobe Bryant copter crash
Conway reacts to Trump team blaming government for moving boxes to Florida
Weapon in deadly 'Rust' film set shooting could not be fired without pulling the trigger, FBI forensic testing finds
The Rhine is shrinking, endangering Europe's top economy
Apples, pumpkins and even tequila: Losing critical populations could mean losing some favorite food and drink
Taiwan blames politics for cancellation of global Pride event
For some in the skin whitening industry, it's one rule for West and one for everyone else
Inside another beast set to take to the skies
On the shoulders of Jackie Robinson, today's Dodgers players reflect on his impact
Take a global tour of the world's best frozen treats
Ecovado could be a greener alternative to 'green gold'
From duchess to prince and viscount, a guide to British royal titles
The 'Netflix effect': Why Western women are heading there in search of love
New species of giant deep-sea isopod discovered in the Gulf of Mexico
A man gets struck by lightning. See what he does next
They reached the Kobe Bryant crash site, then set off a chain reaction leading to a macabre court case
Tommy Lee's nude photo sparks accusations of double standards
University plans to rebury stolen skulls of 13 Black people displayed in a classroom until 2020
Elon Musk wants to end traffic. The company he built to do it may not deliver
Italians have hilarious reaction to pizza giant's exit from Italy
Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the pandemic-snarled water, Europe is having another cataclysmic summer
A nation used to relentless rain is struggling with extreme heat
Wildfire burns more than 12K football fields in one night
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