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The Facebook Papers may be the biggest crisis in the company's history
Internal Facebook documents released
Fact-checker calls the person who sent him a death threat
Sudan Prime Minister arrested and detained amid coup
What led to the military takeover in Sudan
Dangerous Covid trends in Europe alarm experts
Some Republicans joked about the 'Rust' shooting. CNN's Jake Tapper brings the receipts
'Rust' director told authorities Alec Baldwin was practicing drawing his gun when weapon discharged
CO2 levels in the atmosphere reach a 3 million-year high, putting the world 'way off track' on climate goals
China says it will cut fossil fuel consumption to 20% by 2060
How Facebook promoted QAnon to a 'North Carolina mom'
A COP flop? Covid looms over crucial climate talks as some key leaders snub the event
China celebrates 50 years of being in the UN -- and it's determined to keep Taiwan out
'Brother, come on!': Obama mocks GOP candidate for attending 'Stop the Steal' rally
Why Russian and Chinese warships teaming up to circle Japan is a big deal
'Extraordinary': CNN's Jim Acosta reacts to moment from Fox News
Donald Trump just savaged a(nother) American hero
Democrats drive toward a scaled back $1.75 trillion spending agreement
Will companies still pay for Biden's big spending plan?
Jurors to decide whether Charlottesville Unite the Right rally organizers prepared for a violent showdown from the start
German police stop far-right vigilantes patrolling Polish border
Russian group that hacked SolarWinds is still attacking America's computer networks
Australia plans to force parental consent for minors on social media
Jake Tapper to Pelosi: Are you frustrated with Sinema and Manchin?
A week that could transform Joe Biden's presidency
15-year-old details harrowing days as captive to ruthless gang
Jennifer Aniston leads tributes to 'Friends' actor James Michael Tyler following his death
'The Daily Show' correspondent reveals what surprised him at Trump rally
Solskjaer laments 'darkest day' after humiliating loss
Merkel biographer explains why iconic picture is so important
Tyson Fury: 'He's not the greatest,' says Dillian Whyte as he reviews the state of boxing's heavyweight division
Tens of millions of filthy, used medical gloves imported into the US
22-year-old dies from Covid-19 weeks after giving birth, husband blames misinformation
The world's most alarming airplane landings
Snoop Dogg mourns his mother Beverly Tate
Michael Jordan's sneakers sell for record-breaking $1.47 million
Mayor proposes swimming in the world's most famous harbor
Dillian Whyte on Tyson Fury and the heavyweight division
Optical illusion blows the top off the Great Pyramid
Australian Open: Unvaccinated players can compete after quarantine -- report
Shiba inu coin, a meme cryptocurrency, hits all-time high
Fireball plummets to Earth. Experts think they know what it was
NBA: Protesters show support for Irving's vaccine stance ahead of Nets game
Tom Brady becomes inaugural member of 600 touchdown club; gifts hat to young cancer surviving fan
Not everyone approves of this princess' wedding. She's going ahead with it anyway
F1: Hamilton expects tough races ahead as Verstappen pulls away
India cricket captain denies complacency after defeat by Pakistan in T20 World Cup
New documents pose an existential threat to the company. What happens next could change everything
Internal Facebook documents released
See what employees wrote about Facebook's role on Jan 6
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